Welder is a mechanical engineering vocational trade. Trade duration is one year one year with two semesters of six months each. Trade course comprises mainly like welding skills and metal working techniques used in the exploration of metal sculpture; hot and cold working of steel, shielded metal arc welding, oxy-fuel and plasma arc cutting, weld design and finishing techniques; emphasized through hands on instruction and practice with the opportunity for creative expression and practical application. There are many career options after its passing in various fields.

Welder ITI Courses in Details:
Trade Name : Welder
Course Duration : 1 Year
Minimum Qualification : 8th Pass.
Apprenticeship Training : 2 Years including 1 year basic Training

Skills Acquired:
1 Electric arc welding
2 Gas welding
3 CO2 MIG welding
4 TIG welding
5 Plasma cutting and gas cutting.

Employment Option:
1 Electric arc welder
2 Gas Welder
3 CO2 MIG Welder
4 TIG welder
5 Gas Cutter

Self-employment Option:
1 Setup own fabrication workshop
2 Steel furniture workshop